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News And Updates From 10xViz

News And Updates From 10xViz


Features of an Excellent Functional Workflow

A functional workflow is a streamlined process that increases productivity and utilizes resources more effectively — helping you reach your desired outcome faster, more cost effectively, and more efficiently. Listen as Del Lewis, Managing Partner at JJ Consulting, discusses the three most important components to a functional workflow: visibility to …

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Finding Your (Work) Flow: Making Work, Work for You

“Work smarter, not harder” is a sage piece of advice that still rings true today. Smart organizations know optimizing workforce productivity through streamlined workflows is good business, as it enables teams to complete tasks more efficiently, frees management to focus on big-picture strategy, and makes for happier clients. Given all …

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Work Now — For the Future

Today’s successful companies understand that less time spent compiling reports and presentations or searching through emails for critical information means more time focused on forward-looking business-critical strategy and high-priority projects. Smart organizations constantly seek opportunities to improve efficiencies through technology and drive their business forward, but uneven technology adoption remains …

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The Joy of Efficiency

There is inherent monotony in every job — across every industry and in every position. Day-in, day-out tasks must be completed to keep business moving forward! But true job dissatisfaction typically stems from inefficient time management and inability to access information productively. No one finds pleasure in a role when …

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