Meet the Team: 10xViz Smartsheet Solutioners and Platinum Partners

The 10xViz Team

Meet Your Efficiency Experts

The 10xViz Team

Meet Your Efficiency Experts

Jennifer Jones - Founder and CEO

Jennifer Jones

Founder & CEO

Jennifer is a trailblazer in the world of workflow and project management. In fact, she started 10xViz (formerly JJ Consulting) because she saw a better way to harness data and transform it into valuable information across teams and organizations. She is passionate about creating organization efficiency with the right combination of technology that supports processes, workflow, automation, collaboration and visibility. Jennifer has assembled one of the most highly trained and sought after teams in the world for delivering high value and efficient solutions with Smartsheet. Her favorite moments at 10xViz are seeing the delight on clients faces when the delivered solutions change their daily lives.

Del Lewis - Managing Partner

Del Lewis

Managing Partner

Del is, and always has been, in the solutions and desired outcome manifestation business. When JJ Consulting, now 10xViz, and Del found each other it was immediately apparent that they could do great things. Del derives great enjoyment and takes great pride in helping to build the 10xViz team with our passion for creating innovative solutions. Our people are the best in the business and our focus is always to create solutions that turn your data into profitable information and simultaneously give you time back.

Cheri Corrado - Business Manager

Cheri Corrado

Operations Manager

After three decades of being a business owner and several years as a business consultant, she brings to 10xViz a wide array of experience in all areas of business. Her passion though, has been to increase efficiency, profitability, and, above all, the health of the team. She’s excited to join 10xViz in our mission to help businesses and their teams to be more efficient and save time so that they can change the world.

As the 10xViz Operations Manager, her role is to support our team so that we can effectively support your team.

Dansong Wang – Solutioner

Dansong Wang

Certified Solutioner

As a Smartsheet Certified Solution Consultant Dansong’s pleasure dive deeply into formulas, configuration and premium apps to deliver uber-effective solutions that work the way you work, and deliver to you and your team the information you need when you need it. This can only be done because we listen to, and hear, what you are saying. Lots of people can configure Smartsheet but here at 10xViz we design, build, and implement a solution that is tailored to you.

Hal Anderson – Solutioner

Hal Anderson

Certified Solutioner

Hal designs and builds solutions that provide new or different ways of accomplishing “work”. If you and/or your organization have certain tasks or workflows that seem overly difficult, tedious, redundant, or just plain ineffective, then Hal knows we can build a solution for you. Hal is a Smartsheet Certified Solution Consultant and he holds the highest level of technical certification currently available to Smartsheet Aligned Partners. But those are only a means to an end. For Hal, it’s all about the excitement he sees in our clients when we collaborate with them and build a solution that makes “work” better and gives them time back.

Paul Newcome

Paul Newcome

Certified Solutioner

Paul brings a combination of big picture thinking and a laser focused attention to detail to every project he works on. He has the unique ability to be both goal-oriented and people-oriented. This is probably best demonstrated by the fact that he is the #1 Contributor to the Smartsheet Online Community where he can be found, on a regular basis, answering questions, giving advice, and providing detailed explanations of best practices. When not “nerding out” in Smartsheet, he’s most likely deep in the woods camping, kayaking, and enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Kelly Cameron – Project Manager

Kelly Cameron

Project Manager

Kelly’s been fortunate to have a very diverse professional background in areas such as Project Management, Information Technologies, Training, and Education. She brings her learnings and experience in all these areas into play when she manages a 10xViz project. In managing projects her overall approach is always the same; she strives to be present with the person in front of her, to truly listen and ask the deeper questions for clarity, and to lead her team of Solutioners to design, build, and implement the most efficient, streamlined, and simple yet powerful solutions that manifests their desired outcomes. 

Wendi Wilkins – Administrative Assistant

Wendi Wilkins

Administrative Assistant

Wendi realized a long time ago that she is a person of service. She loves assisting people. Her professional world consists of both internal clients, her incredible 10xViz teammates, external clients, and all of the people in the outstanding organizations we work with. She’s also now a full-fledged Smartsheet evangelist. She believes Smartsheet is one of the most powerful platforms available for process/project/office management, and she thinks everyone should take advantage of its wide-ranging capabilities. She’s happy to be at your service!

Christine Walsh


Christine is a money strategist and CFO to women owned businesses who are blazing new trails in the leadership space. Christine excels at combining her savvy Wall Street investment banking experience, where she grew to SVP of a boutique investment firm, with her 15 years of small business accounting, finance, and operations expertise, while utilizing her transforming coaching approach to money and business. 

Teresa Hoes

Solution Integration Architect 

Teresa has over 20 years of experience architecting and developing enterprise applications and integrations between a wide variety of disparate systems. She is zealous about bringing efficiency to process and developing that ‘black box’ magic that allows you to eliminate duplicate entry between a company’s mission critical systems. She has worked with companies of all sizes, but especially loves to help small businesses develop sophisticated integrations that in the past may have only been available to big corporations.

Derek Vogelsang


Derek is a recognized thought leader in technology transformation projects, particularly in the water/wastewater, natural resources and mining sectors. As Technology Director on numerous large complex projects, he integrated leading-edge technology solutions to support operational outcomes around the world including Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, the Middle East and the US. As an accomplished portfolio and business manager, Derek brings a wealth of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry experience to 10xViz to deepen our expertise in one of our core service areas.

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