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10xViz and Smartsheet: Building a Project Manager’s Toolkit in Any Industry

As project complexities increase, the need for project management tools that seamlessly adapt to diverse environments becomes paramount. While some industry-specific tools have proven indispensable within their specific domains, they often fall short under the nuanced demands of project teams operating across multiple sectors. Join us in Loveland, CO for a 3 Day Live Event and let us show you how to build your own customized Project Management Toolkit.

The limitations of industry-specific PM tools in diverse project environments

Organizations using project management (PM) platforms designed for specific industries must contend with inherent limitations when these tools are used outside their intended scope. Software development PM tools, though suitable for IT projects, will struggle to meet the demands of architectural projects.

At 10xViz, we’ve seen the additional hurdles remote project teams must overcome when using industry-specific tools. Without collaborative functionality, real-time updates, and interactive features, these tools lack transparency, making it difficult for teams to coordinate effectively. In-house teams and organizations working on shared projects with the same tools also grapple with accessibility challenges that impede project progress.

These industry-specific PM tools often come with a learning curve as well, especially for nontechnical team members. Mastering complex platforms demands significant time and resources, which means higher training costs just to bring nontechnical team members up to speed. Depending on the tools, these costs can be substantial.

Smartsheet’s customization and flexibility

Smartsheet is highly adaptable and capable of catering to projects of varying domains and complexities. Here’s what sets it apart from less flexible PM platforms:

Cross-sheet formulas

Smartsheet’s cross-sheet formulas enable unified integration and data calculation across different sheets within a workspace. This functionality connects all team members, workflows, and documentation, reducing manual data entry. With cross-sheet formulas, teams can maintain accuracy and consistency in their project data while streamlining collaboration and decision-making processes.

Capacity View

Smartsheet’s Capacity View feature enhances resource management with a clear overview of resource availability, workload distribution, and allocation across different tasks and projects. With Capacity View, teams can identify potential bottlenecks, optimize resource utilization, and make logical decisions to ensure project success.

Project customization

Smartsheet’s Gantt charts help visualize project timelines and progress. These dynamic visualizations allow teams to track project milestones, dependencies, and deadlines with ease. Smartsheet also offers extensive customization options — including custom fields and filters — enabling teams to tailor their project workflows to specific requirements and preferences.

Automated workflows

Smartsheet’s automated workflows empower teams to combine and customize multiple conditional paths and actions. Plus, it allows project managers to automate notifications, updates, and task assignments based on predefined triggers, schedules, and dates within the sheet. This automation reduces manual effort, enhances efficiency, and ensures consistency across project workflows.

Project summaries

Smartsheet enables users to consolidate project information and insights into single-page project summaries. These pages provide stakeholders with a complete overview of project status, key metrics, milestones, and action items, enhancing visibility and facilitating informed decision-making. Project summary pages serve as centralized hubs, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned and informed.

Easy response

Smartsheet facilitates continuous communication by enabling users to respond to comments and updates via mobile push notifications. This feature ensures that team members stay connected and engaged at all times and across locations.

Enhanced design tools

Smartsheet offers extensive customization options — including new design tools — empowering users to tailor their workspaces, sheets, and reports to specific preferences and branding requirements. Customizable themes, adjustable layouts, branding features, and design elements — Smartsheet offers a range of options for personalizing project environments.

The untapped potential of Smartsheet

With such comprehensive functionality, Smartsheet emerges as an intuitive and collaborative PM tool, and it doesn’t require specialized training to implement. What truly sets Smartsheet apart is its user-friendly interface. This innovative design encourages project managers to explore advanced capabilities, enhance coordination, and keep projects on track in any industry.

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Empowering project managers with Smartsheet and 10xViz

Business leaders must recognize the importance of adaptable PM tools — platforms project managers can mold to the requirements of diverse projects. Smartsheet leads the way toward adaptable project management and project team resilience.

At 10xViz, we know how to make Smartsheet sing. With our expertise, organizations can leverage this user-friendly, customizable tool to democratize project involvement, driving cross-functional collaboration and innovation. And as a bonus, project managers can embrace a more inclusive, versatile PM career with more consistent project success.

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